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Charles K. McCotter Jr.’s law practice is centered on high-quality and honest legal work at a fair price.

In an effort to protect the safety of our clients and our staff, we are offering virtual consultations via telephone and online video conferencing. To discuss your options, call us at 252-635-1005.

Putting Your Needs First

I have over 50 years of experience, including 16 years of experience as a United States Magistrate Judge. I represent clients in a variety of complex legal matters in both state and federal courts. My knowledge of North Carolina’s legal system allows me to address all of your concerns with the personal attention and care you deserve.

I provide superior legal services in a manner consistent with your individual needs, goals and economic interests.

Focused On Finding The Best Resolution

My law firm has extensive experience handling a variety of legal matters, including:

  • Admiralty and maritime cases
  • Mediation and arbitration cases
  • Wills and estates
  • Personal injury cases
  • Business law
  • Civil cases

Our Practice Areas

Admiralty And Maritime Law

Injuries, transactions and other matters involving admiralty and maritime law are highly complex. Laws are often different for workers, properties and activities related to waterways than the laws that govern the land.

Dispute Resolution

A disagreement may eventually reach the point at which there are significant financial, business or legal stakes. While facing a dispute can be stressful, you can use a strategic approach to ensure that…

Wills And Estates

Your estate comprises all the assets and debts you have accrued in your life. It is important that every adult have a will and an estate plan so you can pass your assets on to the people you love with minimal state interference.

Estate Planning From An Attorney Who Understands Your Situation

Charles K. McCotter Jr.

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